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About me

I inherited my passion for cooking from my mother and my grandfather who was a self-made hospitality businessman, he owned and managed two high-level restaurants in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century. But when I was a child staying with my mother in the kitchen was when I learned to love traditional cuisine and flavours.

I started in the hospitality industry in 1996 with my own business and then I continued my vocational training in cooking with Grupo San Valero (educational partner of Grupo Lezama and Taberna del Alabardero). I worked as a chef de cuisine in some places in Spain, Sweden and Slovakia, countries where I also worked as a hotel and tourism services manager. I have also studied Hotel Management and Environmental Education



On my website, you can find my recipes, as well as a diverse range of information about the world of cooking and my experiences in this field.


Hotel & Tourism

During the course of my working life in Spain and abroad, I have known destinations and I have had experiences which I want to share with you.

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News & Reviews

There is and space to share opinions and spread the news about the subject areas covered by the website.


Contact me

You can contact me in Spanish, English, Swedish and Slovak.

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